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Is this a Standard or a 1957 VOS ?


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Right, here's the thing.


I brought a one year old Gibson Les Paul Standard in 2007 (so it's an '06)off a bloke who had never taken it out of the room he played guitar in. The guitar is pristine. And I got it for £750!


Just so you know. It is defiantly not a copy/ fake.


But i was questioning whether it is not in fact a Standard but a 1957 VOS. It looks extremely similar to the latter and does not have the 'Standard' text on the truss rod cover.


Here's some pics.




The serial number is 021960378 if that helps

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Just so you know what they're talking about, you have a Nashville bridge which has heavy threaded studs that turn with the wheels, and you can see the metal inserts in the top of the guitar where the studs go. You can also spot it (assuming nobody has flipped the bridge around accidentally) because the screws face the tailpiece. A Historic Reissue would have an ABR-1 bridge where the wheels spin but the studs don't. The studs are thinner and thread directly into the wood on the top of the guitar.


If you remove the control cover you'll see the standard modern pots and capacitors, as opposed to the CTS pots and reproduction bumblebee caps used in the 1957 reissue. There's also a difference in the color of the gold finish, but you might have to have them side by side to tell them apart. Same thing can be said for the inlays; the historic fretboard inlays are pointier than the Standards.


Now if you want to make yourself crazy about the difference between a historic and a standard, take it to an airport scanner or an x-ray machine and look inside, that's a different story.....


Gotta love goldtops.

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