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Ibanez Echo Shifter.

I was on the lookout for a cheap, possibly s/h,  delay with tap tempo and this came up at a very good price - boxed, instructions, perfect condition.

Mono analog delay with up to 1000ms delay time on a slider. Tapping the tap switch twice overrides it, then moving the slider again will override that.

Feedback knob full off = no delay. 

Mix knob full off = guitar signal only, full on = guitar and delay 50% each.

Depth knob controls modulation depth, only when mod switch is on;  modulation  is pitch shift up then down slightly, increasing to crazy with depth control maxed.  A little of that is enough.

Also has oscillation switch - maxes out feedback, gets loud and distorted.  Occasionally useful.

Design looks a bit like one of those Moog pedals from about 20 years ago.  I like it so far, quite a dark sound which will do just fine.

Cons - the slider doesn't feel very robust but I'm going to be using the tap switch mostly.  Also might be problematic to stick to the pedalboard - I could remove the feet (instruction manual says don't!) but then it rests on the bottoms of the sidecheeks NOT the base.  Not worried for now though as it was cheap!  Looking forward to trying it on a gig.

Best wishes to all!


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On 5/24/2019 at 12:29 AM, Dub-T-123 said:

I forgot about these. Always thought they seemed cool. Does the oscillation work with a footswitch like the one I built you or is it just the toggle switch?

The FX switch is the master, so if you toggle the oscillation to on, it can be stopped by either toggling off or clicking the FX switch (not momentary of course).

It's not going to replace the one I got off you and if I'd been more 'on the case' I should have asked you to put a tap tempo on that! 

I am going to have 2 pedalboards now, one for the blues band and one for the jazz group. The blues one needs comp, od/dist, trem/vib, eq, chorus and delay and the jazz one needs od/clean boost, eq, chorus and a delay.  

Have you built any pedals recently?  Heard from Surfpup?  How's he doing?

BTW some time ago - probably a year or 2 - someone, I think it was NHTom, wanted to find a switching box which he could plug all his amps and cabs into and which would switch between them all.  I found it/them recently -  perfect, exactly what he wanted but expensive - made in Germany and they ship to USA.






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