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I got the JamVox. It's a little above okay.


Lots of amps and pedals to choose from and lots of ways to set up a rig. Sounds good. The backing drumtracks are a little limited though, in my opinion. Haven't found anywhere to download additional tracks.


The speaker is kinda weird. If it's not directly in your face some of the sound seems to fade off in a way. There's like 10-20% improvement in the sound if you put on headphones.


The whole "put on a song and remove the parts you don't wanna hear" is beyond me. Way too technical for my patience to handle.


Still it's cool to put on a drumtrack and lay down the rythm and then jam solos over it.


Again, it's a little above okay in my opinion. I'd rather spend the extra cash and go for the Native Guitar Rig 3 if I were to choose today. But for now JamVox is okay for my needs.

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