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Have a Blackhawk CST3 1998


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This the first Blackhawk I have seen. It looks to be a Black version of the Nighthawk, which in good condition sell from 900 to 1400, yours I think being a limited production could be in the higher end of that, but I am not an expert. The Hawk series had a few models, using this body shape, including the Hawk, Nighthawk, Blueshawk and Little Lucille. So to find info on it reference the Nighthawk, there are several members with Nighthawks frequenting the Gibson USA forum.

The last post I saw was about a Nighthawk with a Floyd Rose.

His Nighthawk below.


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You have a Nighthawk version SP3 (3 pickup special).  The case itself in good to great condition can fetch anywhere from $200 to even $350 I would imagine.  I've sold a pristine case for $350 and some with very slight cosmetic issues for around the $200 range.  Themselves they are rare these days. 

The guitar probably wouldn't fetch anywhere more than say $900 if it is in great condition.  You might get away with around a grand, but that's definitely got to be the upper limit. 

Mind you, this is based on someone who has done some buying and selling of Nighthawks.  It truly is a relative thing to sell/buy guitars these days.  It all depends on the right place at the right time. 

Overall, if the package was mine given the SP3 is in excellent condition and case looks great - no major tolex tears, strap intact that holds case lid from flying back when opened, and shroud not ripped out or torn apart - you're looking around $1100 to start IMHO.  That might be on the high end for some people, so be open to offers.  I wouldn't go any less than $1050 with the case. 

FYI, I sold my SP3 with the 90s gig bag for around $950, and that was vintage sunburst in excellent condition.  Check Reverb - maybe eBay.  Get a flavor what's there and go from there.  FYI, if your serial number starts with 94xxxx... this is a 1994 model.  SO MANY people don't know this and list incorrectly. 

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15 hours ago, Dibby said:

 New problem.  I am being told I have a SP3 not a Nighthawk CST3 how do you tell the difference?  All the documents I got when I purchased it says CST3........

The differences are easy to spot.  Just looking at the fretboard, you have rosewood with dot inlays.  The Nighthawk Customs (CST or CST3) have MOP inlays and ebony fretboard.  As well, your neck is not bound - feature of the Specials (SP or SP3).  Standards and Customs have bound fretboards - albeit different wood used for the fretboards (Standard = rosweood; Custom = ebony).  With the Customs, the headstock, body, and neck are all bound.  AFAIK, the "standard" Specials were in 3 colors in the 90s: ebony, red, and vintage sunburst.  The Customs came in the BEAUTIFUL fireburst, antique natural, and translucent amber.  The tops on Customs were also a more figured flamed maple (or even quilts) than the Standards (not sure if there are Standards with a quilt top, but definitely possible). 

Much of what I have said could come from this:


I just know about these guitars because I have had 5 of them in my lifetime -2 Specials, Standard, and 2 Customs.  I sold the Specials FYI.  Electronics are the same in all variants in this 93-98 time frame, so mostly the things that go "up" in the lineup are purely related to the cosmetics. 

Trust me, you have a SP3, I'll bet my paycheck on it. 

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