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Dad's guitar - what do I have here?


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I went to visit my mom today and she gave me my Dad's guitar.

I have recently started taking lessons at the age of 52.  So she said I should have it.

It has some issues, but I cleaned it up a bit and put new strings on it and it plays (to my n00b ear) a bit better than the Yamaha APX500 I have been using for my lessons.

I tried to sort out the serial number, but Jiminey Christmas does Gibon have some issues with serial numbers.  So I was hoping a SME here could help.

Overall pic

Serial number


Example of crazing in the finish

Serial number appears to be 70077.

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It's either an LG-1 (ladder bracing), an LG-3 (X-bracing) or B-25 (basically a renamed LG-3). Serial number, finish, etc, looks like very early 60s. They would have changed the bridge to a belly up (and then belly down around 67-68) so that should help date it as well. I don't know when they switched from the straight bridge. I'm thinking 1961 or 62. The serial number puts it either 1962 or 1964 (odd, I know). I'm betting '62.

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Probably 1961-'64  LG-1, assuming a ladder-brace top rather than x-brace. No centerline back strip that I can see, so one-piece back, which means LG-1. By the serial number dater I use, 1964, but characteristics I see are maybe a couple of years earlier.

It looks to be in nice condition for its age. The finish crazing is normal. One bent tuner shaft, but it should still work fine.

Probably get a setup done, and she should  be good to go.

Family guitars are special guitars.

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