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NGD - Les Paul Traditional Pro II w/Floyd Rose


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Hi all, I wanted to share that I recently acquired a used  2014 LP Trad with Floyd Rose right before the covid-19 restrictions. What good timing to be in quarantine. 


I've become a fan of the Floyd Rose system after acquiring my Axcess Custom last year. I do like whammy bars when I have them and I do pretty well at having them stay in tune the majority of the time, even the sideways trem on my SG. However, I've found out that no matter how you set up any conventional trem system, they will never get the same stability and wildness that a Floyd Rose will get. The tuning stability and sustain are inimitable and I've found that it's probably the most stable (and fun) guitar I can bring to a show. As much as I love the Custom Axcess, a lot of the bands I play in would benefit from the warmth and depth of a full-bodied Les Paul Standard. Queue in the arrival of this new guitar. 


It has all of the warm and thick properties that my '16 Traditional has, but with the addition of the Floyd Rose. I truly can't think of a better combo. I've been enjoying playing, listening, and looking at it. It's the Desertburst finish, but it has quite a bit more red in it than what I normally see on Desertbursts, enough where I'd say it's creeping towards Triburst or Fireburst territory. I've replaced the creme plastics with black and the knobs to 60's top hats, to correspond with the slim 60's neck. The previous owner, Jerry's Guitar, who I can't speak highly enough of in regards to customer service and speed of shipping, replaced the Super 57 bridge with a 498T. I respect his decision, but I do not share in his opinion. I quickly replaced that with a 4-wire Seymour Duncan 59, which to me, sounds like a rougher 57 Classic Plus. Gibson recessed the Floyd system more than I thought would be ideal, so the neck angle is quite straight; closer to an SG than a Les Paul. That does change the feel a bit, but is not necessarily detrimental. Overall, it has been incredibly easy to play and coax great tones from. I used it for a tech rehearsal for the musical I was a part of before the virus cancellations and it held it up to what I expected. I'm very much looking forward to the end of this virus situation in order to play this live (which I hope is soon). 


I've included some pics and video of me playing an old Scorpions classic: 







Thanks for reading and indulging.

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