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Back in my day we had ONE smily face, and it was EVERYwhere. Yellow freakin' smily faces on decals, bumper stickers, fabric, posters, all the same freakin' smily face. Then some brave soul came up with a variation, the face forming a repulsed countenance with squinted eyes and a wrinkled mouth and the caption "Have a Sh_tty Day!". Cute, but it opened the floodgates to smily faces that cover every single emotion addressed in a typical DSM tome.


I say we purge the wannabe smily faces everywhere and go back to 1971 when smily faces MEANT something.



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the fiddle:




the violin is for anytime someone is whining when they shouldn't be. it's basically a higher brow way of calling someone a crybaby.


Don't believe it. The poster claims that it originated on a M*A*S*H episode in 1974. I heard that one before Hot Lips ever uttered it. I suspect, it was strategically put into the script as being a 'saying' that was popular back in the day... 1950ish. It's definitely as old or older than that.


Random Callee: "Hello?"

Caller: "Is your refrigerator running?"

Callee, "Umm... Why yes it is."

Calleer, "Then you'd better catch it." >click<


Random Callee (usually a tobacco selling store): "Hello?"

Caller, "Do you have Prince Albert in a can."

Callee, "Why yes we do."

Caller, "Then you'd better let him out!" >click<

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