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New (Previously Unreleased) Neil Young lp - 'Homegrown'


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Some of the tracks we know from earlier releases are good, but the ones dusted off are neither fish or bird, , , which is why they never saw the light of day in the first place.
Fine details here and there though - traces of B. Keith pedal steel  fx, a touch of acoustic R. Robertson and some delicate Levon Helm drumming (the other drummer, K.T. Himmel, isn't bad).       

But all in all : Too much hype.

Then again why not - there is nothing to lose that ain't lost already - nothing to gain either, , , except from the fact that a sublime album would suit him well at this point.

I would rather see him get into some serious writing now. The fantastic material and the way it was delivered is what made him back in the day.  Can't believe Young has forgotten how good he was. Would be hard to see him fail to ever reach that level again. 

My 5 Yen

P.S. - The record sounds real good

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I agree with Em7, the album is good but not great. The gems have already shown up in other places.

However, I still think Neil is making some good music in the present time too, but very inconsistently. The Colorado album has some really great tracks on it. Psychedelic Pill from a few years back was super. The song Ramada Inn is one of my all time favorite Neil songs.


By the way, most of my music listening is through one of Neil's Pono players. Strangle, but good little device.

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The first thing I noticed in the first couple tracks was the drumming.  Is that Levon?  There is quite a bit more of direct, woody, "stick" to the sound than Kenny Buttery, who typically sounds more mellow on Neil's records of that era.  I do love that first track 'Separate Ways' which I had not heard before.  It has an 'On The Beach' feel which is my favorite NY LP.

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