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L-5 Help!


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Hey all!

A guy I know is selling this L=5. He has no specific info about the guitar other than "it is old". I like the guitar and want to make him an offer but I have my doubts as to it's authenticity. I've never seenan L-5 with the toggle on the upper, bass side of the guitar. every single one pictured on the internet has the toggle on the lower, treble side. anyone have any input?


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Do not buy this guitar.  Almost certainly NOT a Gibson L5.

Headstock inlay and tuners definitely wrong; board inlays, pickguard, cutaway, bridge all look wrong even at this resolution.  Toggle switch of course is wrong as you say.

I can see a label inside but a label's not enough and even that looks like it's in the wrong place.   

Good luck!

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