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Epiphone Dot Kudos, Gibson ES 335's over-rated

Ron OBrien

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After having owned several Gibson ES-335's (both new and used), I've come to the conclusion that these over-priced, semi--hollow guitars fall way short in quality control. When one pays $3000 plus for a guitar, one would expect the nut and bridge to be spot on. Instead, the nuts are poorly cut and the bridges are poorly designed, especially the G-string intonation. In general, the factory setups of these instruments are downright shitty. Is it too much to ask Gibson to install a compensated nut so the guitar plays in tune over the first 5 frets or so? How about a bridge that's wider front to back so there's more room to allow for correct intonation of the saddles?

My solution to these frustrating problems was to purchase a used 2002 Epiphone Dot Natural finish (excellent condition) with a hard Epiphone case included, that was upgraded by the previous owner. The upgrades included Alnico 5, PAF style humbucker pickups, CTS pots, switches and jack, orange cap capacitors, and a TusqXL nut properly cut.  All upgrades are StewMax components. I replaced the original crappy bridge with a made in Japan Gotoh tune o matic bridge. My total investment for this modded Epi Dot was around$500. This guitar looks , plays and sounds just as good as any Gibby ES 335. 

I understand that some folks like to display the Gibson headstock logo, but for me, I'm proud to own an Epiphone Dot. 

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I bought a new Vintage Sunburst Gibson ES335 in 2014.. The Guitar was flawless.. It plays & sounds beautiful... I have several other Gibsons & all are works of Art...

I have also owned many Epiphones. Including a Natural Dot.. It was a beauty too.. It was a Pro model & sounded great! 

I've been very happy with Epiphone & Gibson..

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Nuts on new Gibson are things that need to be addressed once purchased.

and.. I've bought enough of them new to know....  it's not just Gibson, it's the same with many other builders.

to be fair, every player will need something slightly different than the next.   IMHO, it's just a setup issue anyway, and should be fine once properly addressed.


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