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ES-335 Neck Profile - I'd like...


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... an ES-335 with a neck very slightly wider and not QUITE as thick as my 2009 Les Paul Traditional.  The LP Traditional has a great neck for that guitar and I love it for the LP.  For an ES-335 I'd like be going a little more the jazz route rather than blues/rock but still cover some of that ground.   i don't have a store nearby that has more than a couple of ES-335s in stock so I can't try a bunch out. 
What are the touch-points for what model fits the above description?? 

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HI Jazzbro

The neck contour you're looking for came on the late 1960/1961/early 1962 guitars.

Wide, flat fingerboard - wider across the nut and thinner from front to back.  They're listed as 1 11/16" but they feel wider than that (which may be just that they're thinner front to back).  I know that becasue in the past I've owned a 1961, and an early 1962 345.

The only ones I've been able to find are the 1961 VOS (Vintage Original Spec) models but so far haven't been able to play one.  I contacted Gibson three weeks ago and asked where I could find one to play and have not received a reply.  I also called the Gibson customer service line and was told that they didn't know where I could find one in stock, and no, I couldn't talk to his supervisor to try and help me.   So not very helpful.

Also, they cost about $5,000.

I have played an Eastman T486 which has the exact neck profile - it's 1 3/4" wide with an ebony fingerboard and played great.  Also has all high-end hardware, Gotoh, Seymour Duncans and etc.  And the one I played was used and $900.  

Hope this helps


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A quick search shows Guitar Center, Sweetwater, Reverb.com & other Online Stores with Cherry & Sunburst...  Most have no hassle Return & Exchange Policies... 

Probably hard to find in a Mom & Pop Shop though...  That would be equivalent to about 10 average cost Guitars for most Mom & Pop Shops....   

More likely to find them in Big City Stores in L.A., N.Y. etc., like GC, L&M, etc.. 

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