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Epiphone Flying V 2020 tuner


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Bought a 2020 Epiphone Flying V but really prefer the look of the black Grovers on the Explorer vs the vintage ones on the V. Anyone able to say whether it's a fairly simple process to switch out or are mods (holes) necessary. Looking at Grovers Mini Rotomatics 406BC which are what is OEM for the Explorer. Any help anyone has is greatly appreciated. 

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If you install small Grover Rotomatics they will use a different screw hole pattern and need the peg hole to be enlarged for the threaded bushing. Also this will leave the old screw holes exposed on the back of the headstock.

Grover also makes cast machine tuner that looks similar to the tuners you have, but cast not stamped metal, using the same screw holes, but the peg hole will need to be enlarged for its threaded bushing.

Grover Vintage Deluxe (136 Series) 3+3 Tuners, these also basically have the same gearing as the Rotomatics.


There is also a Kluson 3+3 Revolution Series G-Mount Tuners that costs about double..


Both of these screw holes match but require the peg hole to be enlarged for the threaded bushing.

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