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Do you have the blues?


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Well, if I had a Black Cat I'd name him "Bone".

But I've never stabbed anyone in the neck

I drank Moonshine from a Jar, but i blacked out.

I ate a Pork Chop Sandwich, but my Beer was in a Bottle. They just don't serve it it buckets anymore.


But I know if a Woman Broke your Heart, It'll take a Woman to Mend it.

I Play behind the beat, or get ahead of it and make it boogie.

I can sing about her but not talk about her

And I can Improvise.


If I Don't Have The Blues, The Blues Have Me.

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Nice. It's good to hear him laying back a bit. Reminds me of some of his earlier stuff. Sometimes, when he tries to rock out too much, his tone gets buzzy and nasty (to my ears). If you don't have it already, get this album... Good sh*t from 1968.



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surfpup, thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely check that album out. I really enjoy his new album,

Skin Deep:



and the album before it, Sweet Tea:



Having seen him live a few times he is even better in person than on his albums. He sure knows how to work the crowd and is consummate showman. No wonder Jimi loved him too.


Man am I glad I got the Blues!

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