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Why don’t we ever discuss the Banner L 00’s ?

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Yes, there are Banner L-00s. Most L-00s made during the war years do not have Banners, which were apparently limited to the new flattop models. But on occasion, the Gals slapped Banners on L-00s (and L-50s, and at least 1 lap steel).

I document this in Kalamazoo Gals.

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54 minutes ago, zombywoof said:

The Fabulous Flattops book also states  the L-00 remained in production until 1945  with most not sporting a Banner.  The latest built L-00 I have ever run into dated to 1941.  

When I read through the ledgers, I wrote down the latest date I found for the per-Banner flattops. I'm on the road now, but can look up the info when I return home.

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Late L-00s had some odd features -- many very similar to Kalamazoo models.   The banjo world refers to that period as the floor sweep period -- a lot of stuff created oddly from parts that were lying around.



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