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Gibson L-1 for sale?


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2 minutes ago, zombywoof said:

While there was an  L1 reissue available in the 1990s the last one I can recall was a short run from around 2011 or 2012.   Are these what you are talking about?

I'm not sure precisely the years they have been re-issued in.  There have been two incarnations though - a L-1 '1928 Blues Tribute'  and a 'Robert Johnson'.  They differ in spec a little, such as tone woods used and neck profile.  I hesitated on a 2012 RJ a few weeks ago, which was for sale for a relative snip, and now I'm well and truly kicking myself.  

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From what Ive seen. There all the same other than a signature on the RJ.   At least the RJ is not over done.  Just a simple nice sounding. L1.   I sold mine RJ many years ago. 1200.  A tribute last fall for 1600.    I would maybe pay 1800 tops for a clean one.  If I was going for another.    Reverb has some.  But way over priced for what they are.  

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