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Hello I’m trying to get feedback on 1966J 45 I understand the quality as reducing in the sound because of the adjustable bridge.

This guitar is supposed mint condition has been stored in the case should I be concerned about possible defects if the strings attention on them something I might not see immediately?


I know the different animals but does anybody have experience with the Gibson J 29 2013?


I really appreciate the help I plan on going professionals I’m trying to find a good quality Acoustic Gibson  guitar that is recognizable.


i’m a singer songwriter and I was like playing blues rock etc.





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A 66 J45 is a good guitar.   But now that.  Sitting under a bed for how long? I would check for a neck set.     I would rather own a J45 than a J29.   But that would depend on how much you want to spend.  

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thanks for reply.  So I can check the net set.  It’s been stored for many years. It is a gift from a grandfather to a grandson who never picked up the guitar.


The price seems great $2700


It’s supposed to be in mint condition all original


The J 29 is 1600. Do you know if the Gibson acoustic sound good in 2013 as compared to the 60s I know this is subjective but I appreciate any thoughts thanks

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An old friend of mine has a '66 slope shoulder J45 that he claims he hasn't played in years, and that he's too sick(Neuralgia  and arthritis in fingers) to play any more, but still refuses to sell it.  [cursing]

Has only one kid, a son that doesn't play,and no grandchildren to give it to, and would rather just throw it out than get some easy bucks for it.  I've offered as high as $200, but he says he doesn't think it's worth that much.  so I told him, "Just name your price then."  and he still refuses.  [confused]  When he was playing I remember it sounded real nice.


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