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OK here we go and I deserve it so give it to me (J45)


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Hello everyone. Perhaps some of you are aware of my ....................... J45 TV issue. If not you must be sleeping.


Update, as you know tha Gibson Product Specialist from Montana said my guitar has an adirondack spruce top with aj bracing and hide glue. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I decided to check the box downstairs and lo and behold on the box all this time was the detailed description of the guitar ,so I made everyone suffer for my obsession. it just said J45 on the packing slip and J45 on the orange label.


Here is your chance to call me anything, all I ask is be original and surprise me. I have been called many names by both men and women over my 50 years.

on the box it says "J45 TV RED SRPRUCE PROMO" It was made in January of 2009.



Let the name calling begin. I can't wait. What a fabulous guitar.


P.S. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nope, no p.s. hahahahahahahahahahaha

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I will refrain from any name-calling, you have supplied a healthy mix of obsession and comic relief. Rather I call upon you to help me with my obsession, namely how rare (if at all) is the heritage cherry sunburst on a J-45. And my question to you is of course: how did you get in contact with the Gibson Product Specialist?

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Dude' date=' are you kidding?? You got a 2009 J-45 TV RED SPRUCE PROMO?? I heard those were...oh, never mind.


Seriously, enjoy your guitar. I am off to enjoy mine for a few minutes right now![/quote']



What what what what did you here? Tell me I gots to know. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

I have to live to 100 inorder for me to be middle aged. If not.................. Iam passed middle age.

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