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New Owner of a J-185

Roy Grant

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Hi Guys!


Picked up my J-185 at the weekend from guitar guitar in Glasgow. Delighted with it but I wonder if anyone can confirm the case candy contents that should be included?

In mine there was ...

The D'Addario Humidipack (Which I was advised not to use by the salesman?) 

cleaning cloth

key ring

truss rod tool

strap button 

I was kinda disappointed there was no strap bearing in mind the money i had spent??? should there be one?

thanks in advance guys





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Welcome aboard Roy.  I wish I could help answer your question, but I don’t know squat about acoustics.  You might want to post your question in the Gibson Acoustics forum.  Someone there should be able to help you out.  Good luck.

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Congrats on a fine acoustic.

There is no reason to no use the humidipaks as long as they are still pliable and soft.  they will dry out tho.  then you want to put those aside, and get some new ones.

There's quite a few options for humidity control.  

I use Oasis tubes, and I follow all the recommendations.  use distilled water, remove/clean out the tubes when they will not be used replace the gel beads when it's time to use again.

Dampit wicks are pretty safe too, but they can smell pretty rank when you first get them. 

In the cold weather months, which are now just about here, it's time to get those things going again.

Follow directions and you're ok.

I keep guitars in it's case when not using it is probably the safest tactic regardless of what is used to add moisture.

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Hey Roy - welcome to the forum.  You got all the case candy that Gibson usually includes.  They were including a Gibson strap with some of the electric guitars, but I have bought a couple of acoustics in the past year and half and no straps were included with them.  The strap they threw in for free wasn't very good anyway so you are better off to find one that is comfortable for you and the position that you play in.  

As kidblast mentioned you should absolutely use the Humidipaks now that winter is upon us, the heat will be on in the house and the humidity will drop.  A hydrometer is a good idea as well you can find a decent small one that fits inside the guitar case for not much money.  Want to keep your guitar between about 45 and 50% humidity to avoid the wood swelling or shrinking.

Enjoy that 185 and we have a saying on this forum - if there are no pictures of the guitar, then it didn't happen.  Sign up for a free photo hosting site like Imgr, post your guitar photos to that and then copy them over to this site.

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