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Johnny Winter Firebird was that worthwhile doing it ?

marco mancini

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I get where you are coming from Marco.....

But this is a ltd edition of 125 - they'll nearly all go to rich collectors anyway.

There was an Allen Collins sig Explorer in 2015 I think.  Not cheap.

According to this Christie's auction house page, he used 4 Firebirds -


I saw Johnny Winter (with his Firebird) twice, back in the early 70s.  He was an exceptional guitarist even in those days. 


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4 hours ago, marco mancini said:

Sure he was a great guitarist  but you cannot put  at 9000 bucks  a guitar  such  that  into an european market   while  not having  cheaper  and reliable  versions  of it for people  who don't want  having the  sign  of  a famous guitarist over the headstock .

Gibson can make what they want, look at all the other high dollar stuff they make (The Hendrix Flying V at 10k, Adam Jones LP at 10k, Tom Petty SJ-200 at 10k Peter Frampton LP at 7k, Chuck Berry ES-350T at 10k, Markus King ES-345 at 7k, and the list goes on) and these are not guitars for us regular folks who wear an occasional python boot. Those 125 are already spoken for or probably sold like jdgm said to rich collectors and football team owners who don't play them and just show them off.

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No.  but.....

You can go to an official Gibson dealer and order one of 7 options (including the JW) from the Custom Shop but they'll never be that low ($2k) again.

Cheapest is the non-reverse at $4499 -


And if you did you'd be buying a guitar unseen and you'd have to wait for it to be built and delivered.  Uh-oh.

So if you were going to do that you might as well check ebay 1st - I am in UK and there's about 10-15 I could bid on, in Europe and the USA.  

"...an array of normal glowing  Firebirds..."  Nice thought [cool]

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