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Hello everyone,

I am thinking about buying an ES335 Government 1 Series guitar in totally mint condition from a guy that wants just shy of 3000$ for it.

I see them going for more and less on the internet, is it a fair asking price?

I am not looking to buy and sell, so I am keeping it but just wonder if I am making a good deal?




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Hi Tom,

Sorry you waited so long fo1r a reply, but I think I know why.

We do get a lot of these sorts of questions. In your case, you've already done research and that what everybody here encourages. Sometimes someone will research on behalf of the OP, but its best done as you have. A products value is down to buyers perception and maybe more importantly, availability.

I'm not familiar with the model so I just checked it out. Limited to 300?! So now I think probably you are best placed t1o make that call. Sorry if this seems like a cop out and good luck with your quest.

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