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Need help with my Mom's Gibson


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My mom passed away several years ago. I have her old Gibson acoustic guitar. She always told me it was a J-45. It has the scroll banner and is a natural finish which could mean it is a J-50. I can't find any trace of a serial number in it. Any help as to what I have and it's worth would be greatly appreciated.





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I agree with jdgm put in the "acoustic" forum for good opinions.  It is probably a J-50 and banner on the headstock I believe means it is from the 1940s.  If so, it is valuable and a vintage Gibson collector would probably give $3000 + for it.  Depends on it's overall condition and how is plays and sounds.  The exterior is not as important as the condition of the top, bridge plate and the braces inside.  Serial number might be stamped on the neck block inside the sound hole.  A mirror and flashlight may be needed to find it.  

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This is a little tricky. The headstock makes it a 1946 at the latest, but the J-50 wasn't introduced until 1947. You either have a very early J-50 from before it was added to the catalog, or a natural-finished J-45 (or it was refinished at some point). The J-45 and J-50 are the same except the finish.

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