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Optimal Les Paul Weight?


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As I think I posted in another similar thread, I've played a bunch of LPs in my seemingly endless quest to own one and though I usually enjoy playing any of them, the 2008 Standard, the Classic, and the Supreme, all chambered light weights are no longer on my shortlist.


I'd own a 50th R9 already if they weren't so freakin' expensive. The Traditional is sweet as is the Custom and if I could ever find the solid mahogany candy apple Custom I played back in the mid-late 90s, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Naturally had no money at the time. But, man, what a brick it was. Had to easily weigh over 10lbs.


So, I guess heavier is better in my LP book but it's all about the tone "YOU" are looking for in the end.

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You can have two blanks of wood the same weight and they will sound different tonally (FACT)

Depending on the age' date=' growth area, mineral content, and fiber density of said piece of wood makes the difference tonally(FACT)


And I do play and work on guitars (FACT)


[/quote'] Well put AXE, i second that

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