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George Clinton/Parliament/Funkadelic Concert

Sgt. Pepper

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First off what an incredibly mediocre concert that was. There must’ve been 17 people on stage and about five or six of them just sang. The band didn’t even know what city they were in, as they kept saying they were in Virginia Beach when we were actually in Newport News. George lit up on stage and I smelled weed all night. What a bunch of freaks showed up. One guy walked up to another guy sitting at the bar, and kissed him on the lips, and then walked away. The guy who got kissed had this disgusted and confused look on his face. I walked over and talked  to him, and said I saw what just happened, and he said I don’t know who the fuk that guy was. I think that is the last time I go there as the room and sound are not good for a show.

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14 minutes ago, jvi said:

Another complaint dept topic from " the angry man " , get some sleep dude yer on here 24-7 saying how terrible the world is .

Like I said your all about unicorns and ponies. Not everything in life is shiny and  happy like that lame REM song. If the shows was good I would have said so. I went because I like George and the Funk he has done. It just was not good, but you were they too, so you know better than me. I went in the hopes that for a few hours I could hear good music, and forgot about the BS of day to day life, but it didn’t happen.

How would you like to be kissed by some strange random dude? You would somehow try to find the good in it. That is what we call over in the USA - unwanted touching.

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12 minutes ago, ghost_of_fl said:

Eh, it was a concert review - sometimes it's good to get an opinion before you throw down cash and travel for a bad experience.   

In other news, I think it's awesome that KS and crew have asked you to be an unofficial forum moderator.   They have, right?  I'm assuming here. 

Not to my knowledge. The concert was 10 mins from my house, so the travel was minimal. At least I was not kissed by a dude against my will. I don't buy tix to acts I don't like or have no idea who they are. I am familiar with George's work with Parliament to Funkadelic to the stuff under his own name. 

A unicorn just shot out of my a-ss, its gonna be a good day. Now if I could only find that giraffe that pee's Skittles, man that would make my year.

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18 minutes ago, sparquelito said:

FZ Fan, 

I have this strange compulsion to kiss you right now. 
I don't know why. 
It's curious. 

And I'm not even a P-Funk fan particularly. 


I don’t swing that way. But hey I guess I can’t fault you for trying. 

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