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Stains in Binding


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I've been noticing unsightly "tobacco coloured" stains showing up on the bright white binding of my Les Paul Custom. Since I bought the guitar used I first thought that it might be from tobacco smoke that impregnated the case. Its not like I can smell smoke in the case so I could understand what was happening. I have since realized that the stains are now showing up in another part of the binding near the neck strap button. So now the stains are near both strap buttons. Looks like he culprit may be the guitar strap that I've been using the the LP. (This is a $40 Levis suede strap.)


Does anyone know of a safe way to remove these stains which appear to be ingrained right into the binding?

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No this isn't the stain from the neck bleeding into the binding. The stains are spotty and they show up where the strap crosses the binding at the bottom strap button area as well as the top strap button area near the pickup selector. It is as if some of the dye from the strap is being absorbed through the nitro where the strap comes to rest on the guitar when I have it on the stand. I only leave in on a stand for a few hours max. The rest of the time I'm playing it or it is stored in the case. I thought of using javex on a Q-tip to bleach it out but I don't know what kind of chemical reaction there might be and lets face it, once the javex crosses the nitro there is no control where it will be absorbed.

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What the heck is binding made of anyhow?


My 1933 Gibson Mandolin has binding around the Oval hole, as well as the top. I thought plastic was invented, when?


My ES-339 has the yellowed, whatever binding that looks cool but doesn't match the white on the edge of the pickguard. Even has the yellowed knob.




Looks funny when you read it, huh.









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