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Looks like I have to buy the Beatles catalog again


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I have them all. Theres no need to buy them yet again.


In fact, along with having each Beatles cd, I have every Beatle song on one disc.

Its in mp3 format, and it was done professionally. No sub-par recordings. Comes with album covers

song lists etc. I should sell copies! lol.....am I hanging myself here?

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why bother buying remasters?

as most hard-core audiophile type beatles fans would know, the best versions of all beatles releases are already out there.

look for Dr. Ebbets' remastered catalogue. he has done a whole series of 'needle-drop' cds taken from the best source virgin vinyl, such as

the Japanese red wax mono series, the MFSL Blue Box series and others. the sound is way better than the commercially available cds and they are available in lossless digital format or silver disk.

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I have all of the Beatles catalog.


The only songs I am missing is the Christmas singles that went out to the Fan Club in the 60's.


I also put all of them in a single MP3 CD. Actyually I am listening to it at work right now since my wife keeps the iPod most of the time.


I have the "Beatles 1" album, got it as a gift I was curious about how the songs sounded remastered so I opened it.


Do not care for the remastered sound, something is off. I am not a purist but the frequencies are messed up.

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