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1949? BR-6 Restoration

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I finally started working on this BR-6 basket case that I bought from a music store owner.  It had been recovered in peach colored vinyl upholstery covering, with upholstery tacks holding it in place.  It needs new Gibson style brown tolex and a regular Fender style flat leather handle.

I recapped it, including the coupling caps and electrolytics, rewired a couple of weird mods that somebody had done and put in a new volume pot.  Fired it up, brought up the voltage and it works.  I need to change out the cathode resistor today and get the bias down a little.

I'll have to check out the speaker closely and see if it needs a recone.  It looks o.k. as far as I can see.

I paid $300 without even knowing if the power transformer worked.  Hopefully I can get the better part of $1,000 once it's done.


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On 6/21/2022 at 4:55 PM, jdgm said:

I'm ignorant about stuff like this.  Why does the speaker frame have a transformer bolted to it?

Ah.  Here we are.....



Yeah.  The speaker has an electromagnet instead of a regular magnet and that coil doubles as the choke.  Kind of wierd.

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Removed the covering and the Gibson emblem and glued and filled some things.  Some of the plywood on the bottom has delaminated and had some internal plies rattling around.  I superglued the plywood back together and I think I stopped the rattle.  A little more gluing and filling and it will be ready for new tolex.  I got some authentic brown Gibson style tolex from Mojotone and I'm going to use a Fender flat leather handle, which is the exact same size and fits the same holes as the old one.  I'll probably put new rubber feet on there.  The emblem is in good shape.  Waiting to hear from Weber to see if they can recone the speaker.


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On 9/12/2022 at 3:32 PM, OrdinaryNimda said:

Looks beautiful and new on the front-side. The sound must be really something! 

The Weber guys still use the same cones and parts? I watched a short video on manufacturing speakers (some Chinese plant), and saw much is still made by hand.👍

I'm not sure what parts they use.  They replace all the moving parts with new stuff.  The guy at Weber thought he might have already reconed this particular speaker before but he wasn't sure.

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