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I want to know what gauge of acoustic strings are best for the dove acoustic. I find if they’re too light they twang, but if they’re too heavy they’re very hard to play. I’m considering 12-53’s.

Please mention the gauge, and if necessary the manufacture.

Cheers Ben

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Martin Authentic S.P. Phosphor Bronze are reckoned to be very good. They have a focused mid range. 12-54 gauge. 

Myself I used to use La Bella 7GPS Phosphor Bronze 12-52 Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light. (Though I would swap out the wound 3rd and use the 16 B in place of it. Then use the 12 E as the B and add a 10 gauge for the E. This gives a lighter feel for the G B e that I need for string bends.)

I only play fingerstyle. If you use a pick, your choice can make a difference to the sound too.

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Yes, go for 12-53 or 54, , , a heavier set will do too - up to you.

                                                                                                                                Doves - both cherry and tomato and tobacco - are magnific

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