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OctoMom vs. Video Gamers!


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Suleman wants to trademark 'Octomom' nickname

Associated Press


LOS ANGELES - "Octomom," the nickname that has been all the rage for nearly three months, could belong to Nadya Suleman alone.


The mother of octuplets wants to trademark her nickname and filed two applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on April 10.


The applications say that Suleman wants to put the Octomom name on television programs, clothing and disposable and cloth diapers. Suleman got the nickname after her eight children were born nine weeks premature on Jan. 26.


Suleman's attorney, Jeff Czech, says two people have approached him with suggestions for products. He wanted to protect the name.


Czech says a Texas-based video game company also filed a trademark application for the name.





Maybe I'm just too jaded, but as much as I detest the whole video game culture we now live in - I hope they win!

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