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Vox Tonelab LE


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i knew a church guitaristwho had one' date=' he said the tone is really good, but it "isnt made for live playing"


im supposing it isnt as easy and quick to manipulate as say, a boss mutieffects pedal, but the tone is very good![/quote']


Actually it's very quick and easy to manipulate very user friendly

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I saw a guy play one, live, small venue, low volume, the place had seating up on the roof, open space. The beer was flowing like wine and women were flocking like the salmon of Capistrano.


He played lead very well, used it through a Peavey PA directly. Sounded very, very good. I was impressed.


I have a Boss GT-6 and it works best through a solid state full range amplifier, sure you can use the output setting and plug it into the effects loop but the speaker on a guitar amp is designed for midrange so I guess more tweaking is required to get the right tone.

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