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Using Electric Guitar Amp/Cab Sims With Acoustic Guitars: Is it legit?


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I'm a long-term player but new having a guitar with a pickup (J-45, LR Baggs Element UST). 

I was hoping to get the go-ahead from seasoned players to use a Universal Audio Dream '65 (Fender Deluxe Reverb amp/cab sim pedal) or Lion '68 (Marshall amp/cap sim) into a Fender Flat Response speaker (Fender Tone Master FR-12) or a Quilter Sound Company PA speaker (QSC CP8). That's how I run my electric guitars, and it would be great to hear that it's acceptable for acoustic guitars, not just possible, but considered a legit way to do it.  Thanks for your sage advice. 

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12 hours ago, Buc McMaster said:

Legit?  By what standard?  I'd say what's musically legit and what's not is up to you.......yes?

I agree.. We all have our personal preferences.. But, if it sounds good.. Do it..

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My brother recently plugged 2 of his acoustics, 1 Epi Jumbo and 1 Taylor 114,  into his electric guitar rig (small pedalboard with a few run-of-the-mill effects + EVH 5150III 50w head and 212 cab) and it sounded fine for live purposes.  

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