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Fulltone OCD Ge Arrived Friday

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I've used the Fulltone OCD overdrive for some time now.  I saw that Mike and Brad (Jackson Audio) had made a batch of OCD Ge pedals and have been wanting to pick one up.  So I did.  Fulltone had a special if you buy an OCD pedal, you get a free shirt.  You don't have to twist my arm, so I ordered one.  The Ge stands for germanium, as in germanium diodes.  I've been A/B'n the two and there is a slight difference.  The OCD V1 is a bit brighter in the midrange, where as the OCD Ge is slightly darker in the lower mids.  I can certainly hear the difference.

Anyway, I got the pedal and I like it.  That's what counts.  A good, quality overdrive that suits my taste.



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You should get into building your own pedals. You could make an ocd with the clipping diodes on a rotary switch and have all the options in one pedal


It would have been so easy for Fulltone to put that on a switch. They probably didn’t want to modify their enclosure or PCB designs

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Yeah, I'll bet they could create a pedal with a rotary switch that engages the three main designs.  From what Fuller says in his interviews, he originally had one germanium diode wired in and going to I believe V-Reference. as opposed to ground.  Now he's using two Ge diodes and both go to V-Ref. instead of ground.

I'm sure he's thought about it.

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