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NGD! SG Classic


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My new SG Classic just arrived! No blemishes, great dark red and beautiful horns! Sounds fantastic, loving the P-90s. Incredible neck too, no bumps or anything. This guitar has the best upper-fret access of any guitar I've ever played (Which was definitely unexpected). I can easily fret the 22nd fret with my thumb, to put it in perspective, and can reach the harmonic over the first P-90 without real stretching (Didn't even know there WAS a harmonic there; never really played up there XD )


Pics will come soon!

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I can easily fret the 22nd fret with my thumb

If THAT'S what you're after' date=' you'll need to get a SG 61 next.

Neck joint is [i']at[/i] the 22nd fret!



Anyhow, congrats!

Wish I had kept mine - didn't need the money or anything and I love P-90's.

I made a buck or two on it so I let it go, mostly because I was out of room!!!


Here's a pic with it on the right - look at the neck joint compared to the '61.




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