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July and August Posts?


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Hi All,


I've been away for the forum for a few months, and have come backto find that it seems ... so have the rest of you??


I cant seem to see any posts from July and August, in fact nothing between June 15 and Sept 13, was the forum down or something? Or were you all just waiting for my return??


Incidentally, for 2 weeks of my absence time I was out of town with my wife and daughters, and I have to admit, as well as really missing my dog, I severly missed my 335!!


Cheers all.



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Yeh' date=' I thought it was time to come back so I could remind you how much better 335s (The 'Real Thing') are than 339s!!!


#-o :D/ [/quote']




Good one.....




Have you been hangin' around with the Hall Groper?



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