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Amp or acoustic


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good point...


lets assume I had the money now.


Okay, nicely played, Dom...


Do you have a decent acoustic? If not, buy the J45. There is no substitute for a good acoustic guitar. If I was forced to keep only one of my guitars, it would be an acoustic hands down!


However, if you have a good acoustic, scratch the above suggestion and buy a great tube amp.


Also, there are a number of great sounding Gibson acoustics that are cheaper than the J45, so don't box yourself in. I paid $600 for my CL10 - used. I love the tone, and everyone who's heard it has been impressed. Would I rather have a J45? Yes. Did I get a great sounding Gibson acoustic for less than half the price of a J45? Yes. The working man and songwriter models are excellent values as well. One of these models might get into a great sounding acoustic AND get you into a great tube amp quicker.

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I only got my grandfathers old one and its only playable in open position....


but the sentimental value is through the roof.


Hey, that sounds like a great guitar for slide. Tune it to open D or E and let it rip.

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