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Cel phone oops


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This evening I got a call from our very own NeoConMan thanking me for the 11 minute solo. I can only imagine the puzzled look on my face when he said that. So I say, what are you talking about? He said he checked his phone for messages and saw that I had called and left a very lengthy message. I had called Neo this morning asking if he wanted to meet at Bizarre Guitar today, because I wanted to sample some amps. He had other plans for the day, so opted out of the invite. After speaking to him, I must have just shoved my phone in my pocket without locking the keypad. So as I'm checking out the Marshall VM and a couple of others, I must have somehow hit redial without my knowledge. What ended up was a muffled 11 minute solo of me. After a very hardy laugh by both Neo and my son (who was in the car with me), all I could do was ask if it at least sounded good. He was able to identify some of what I was playing, but it was mostly muffled.

I'm going to let Neo fill in the grizzly details. But it was pretty funny. One important lesson can be passed, don't shove you cel phone in your pocket without first making sure the keypad is locked unless you want to share what could be embarrassing conversations or other activities.

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A few new Gibsons have trickled in from their re-authorization order.

Nothing breathtaking, just some cool Les Pauls of assorted flavors, VOS and such...


They seem to be selling at least some stock despite the rough times.

Recently, Mike told me they were still moving the nice guitars. It's the beginner/budget stuff that's dead.


And Silverbursted sounds decent, even over a cell phone muffled in his pocket!



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