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Large to Small Pickguard Conversion

Andre S

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It depends on how the route the bodies. I don't have an SG, so I can't say.


If they do the "swimming pool" route, like you see on some Strats, you couldn't do it.


If they do a "close" route, so it's the actual outline of the pickup, you should be able to use regular mounting rings with no evidence. You'd need to fill and patch the old screw holes, of course.

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I guess if I liked the small one better that would have been the SG

I would have bought. Once you start to mod a guitar it is like anything

else the value goes down. Keep that in mind.




Yep, but one with a small pickguard is at least 800 more. And I I don't really consider resale value, because, I don't buy to sell. If I dont know that i want to sell it from the time I buy it fine, but if I buy it without the intention of selling, and I do decide to sell then its too hard to part.

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Well... It's possible but it will be tough and it will NOT look like a '61.


The seams will definately be visible because of the color being difficult to match (unless it's black) and because of the glossy nitro finish.


You could do it Blackie's way.


I don't mind if it doesn't


I could get the 61, but I dont want to because, I want to add a maestro and I would be slightly afraid to on an 2000 dollar guitar.


Or maybe I will.




I really want a 61 in a tv yellow finish..




I emailed guitar center to get a quote from gibson for a SG standard with a small pickguard, and for one without any pickguard

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