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Hollow body- use humidifier?


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=D> Unless you live in a very dry place like Arizona' date=' I would not. Hollowbodies go through a natural aging process that brings out the woody sound in them. I love my hollowbodies more now than ever.






I was thinking the same thing, but do you case your guitars all the time, I don't because if I don't see em I don't play em.

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I just got a 1964 ES 120T


North Carolina, Virginia?


That's a pretty humid climate, even in the winter, eh?


I would spend a few bucks on a digital temp/humidity indicator.

As long as the temperature is reasonably consistent and the indoor humidity is above 35% you got no worries.

Under 35%, take a hot shower or cook something on the stove - especially if you have gas.

Puts lotsa water vapor in the air.


In 45 years I'm sure that guitar has been exposed to some climate changes.


Not saying to take it lightly, just realize it's probably weathered a little and 'broke in' by now.

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