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This is by one of my favourite composers


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love movie soundtracks and scores.

a friend of mine was complaining that classical music is gone to s**t, but I proposed that people who do scores for films, despite the limitation of having a theme chosen for them, can orchestrate incredible music reminiscent of classical.


Thomas Newman and Danny Elfman are two of my favorite, specially Danny...it has gotten to the point that I actually look forward to his scores more than the films he is scoring.

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Danny is great, my favourite is his score for Spiderman. I also love Howard Shore's Silence of the Lambs and John Barry's music for Thunderball...AWESOME!


Also Yoda's theme always moves me by John Williams. Izzy, another great guy is Gabriel Yared who wrote the music for Betty Blues, The Talented Mr Riply and the amazing The English Patient.


He didn't learn to orchestrate either until; he was in his 30's!



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