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Poor mans´ "robot"


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I was checking MF for some prices on the mods i´ve made to my epi, and came onto this:




So... has any of you used that? it seems nice but i wonder if it is as acurate as a profesional tuner (korg, peterson strobotuner, or even the boss tuner pedal (which i own and like very much).



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Are planning on doing this mod on your Epiphone ?


Some problems come to my mind, but could have some simple solutions.


Doesn't your Epi have EMGs ? The pots on EMGs are 25k not 500k like the one N-Tune

offers for Les Pauls and humbuckers.


I think you could still use this if someone makes a 25k push/pull pot. You could re-attach

the wires and use N-Tune's pot as a guide.


Now that I think of it, someone told me you can lower the ohms by using resistors, so you

maybe you can use the kit as is, I don't know what type of resistors you'd need.


Oh almost forgot, find out if the pot is Linear taper or Audio taper. Linears are best for

volume controls. If you use and Audio for volume there will be some drop off when you

roll the control, that doesn't happen with a Linear potentiometer.


Good luck.

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