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I'm the new (and proud) owner of a Gothic Gibson SG. Ive heard a lot of controversy about them, (i.e. "i hate the paintjob","the lack of inlays sucks","the frets are too high", "I have sand in my coochie", etc.) Anyways, I wont be offended, I'd just like to hear what you all think about it.

I can agree with the frets being a little high, but it sounds TERRIFIC. Just as good as any SG I've ever played. It tunes well, and I personally love the paint job.

other likes? Dislikes? discuss.




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I liked the matte black finish on all of the "Gothic" models.

The whole guitar was black as black could be' date=' it could get none more black.[/quote']


agreed. (see avatar pic). Its actually so black, i had to up the already poor-quality cellphone picture's brightness just so you could distinguish the features on it.

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That's not gothic' date=' it's just black, big deal. Just my opinion though...[/quote']


Haha. True. Actually, I think that the original Gothic Gibsons came with a pack of clove cigarettes, and either a Morrissey, The Cure, or Depeche Mode CD.

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I might like one.........post some good pics of yours...........


i will' date=' probably later on today. Its a gibson and a great guitar, which are synonymous really, for a really REALLY low price.

but some other stuff about it since your considering one:



i personally feel that the Gothic SG has a bit more "growl", if you will, than the other SG models.


its super SUPER durable. My friend who also has the Goth SG has had his for three years, played a number of gigs, dropped it, etc. and it has only one (Very fine) chip where his strap came off and his guitar fell off onto his concrete basement floor.


if your trying to play and not be seen, all you have to do is wear some black clothes and dim the lights and, TADA, your invisable [thumbup] <--- thats a joke by the way...albeit a bad one.



It doesnt have any inlays, so those who arent nessicarily farmiliar with the fretboard may have a hard time finding frets. it does have the "fret-finder" dots on the top of the neck, but hey, not everybody is used to using those.


There is on mine, and most that I've read reviews on, heard played, etc. have a slight buzz on the 6th string when unplugged (which drives me absolutly batsh*t crazy). the good news is, its totally inaudiable when you plug it in.


alot of people give you flack because its technically an "unfinished" guitar. From what I've heard, and correct me if I'm wrong, but the line was created from SG's that weren't finished on the assembly line, so they sprayed it flat black and stuck pickups on it.



I'm not sure if i believe the whole story about the "hastily finished" guitar. But it's something a few of my fathers friends have told me....


your welcome for that novel i just wrote you by the way.

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Lack of fretboard inlays or dots doesn't bother me. IMO it gives it a clean look.

When I play live the stage is pretty dark, I know where my hands need to be to play our songs from hours of rehearsals and familiarity with my guitars.

If I need to look down at my neck I see the side markers before I'll see whats on the face of my fretboard anyway.


I think markers on the fretboard of the SG "Gothic" would ruin the whole look of it.

I owned the Washburn WI65 Idol which was their "Gothic" version when everyone was producing a "Gothic" guitar and other than the skull on the face of the headstock and the matte black finish, the lack of inlays is what turned my eye to it.

The neck just looks really clean, most likely due to the fact you are used to always seeing dots or inlays on the fretboard.

Them not being there was refreshing.


(edited fer spellin')

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I'm not sure if i believe the whole story about the "hastily finished" guitar. But it's something a few of my fathers friends have told me....



I wouldn't either. It's a "satin finish", not like the "faded" SG's. It's just not a glossy/lacquer finish.

I like it a lot on the whole Gibson "Gothic" series. It reminds me of that hand rubbed piano finish.

Very cool, very black. LOL!

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