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My girls...


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Here they are,


my two Gibbies.


first my LP traditional from 2009.

I changed the buttons, the TRC, the Pots (for CTS 500k) and Caps (VtaminQ), wiring !50's) and took off the scratch plate and added pointers..

Now it's ok

This LP has a soul of its own, it really sings , I love it.


Before changing the buttons for reflectors



Uploaded with ImageShack.us


after, with pointers




Uploaded with ImageShack.us




Here is my other 2009 gibby

A 2009 faded worn cherry V on which I changed the buttons, wiring (50's), and Pick Ups ( I set Reed James Robowound pafs in it, but i'm not sure I'm gonna keep them in as they are really vintage low gain PU's. I may try Seymour duncans in there)

and finally added pointers




Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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Thank you all for the feedback.

regarding the fretboard, I use Citrus Oil (dunlop or gibson, it depends..)

It works well. it really loook dark on the picture as I guess I must have just oiled it, it is not as dark now that i changed the strings more than a month before.


Yes the LP as a really nice looking color & top. At first i wanted a light or honey burst but couldn't find one at a decent price here in france. But now I really dig it. Desert burst are better looking without the scratch plate.

I like scratch plates on HCS or other reddish burst, but on Desert burst I think the scratch plate give it a 50's look although without it has a strong rock 'n' roll soul.


On top of that this LP sounds really well.

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