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j 180 ec/eats batteries


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the battery is engaged when the guitar is plugged in so it is best to unplug it when not in play. if you're doing this and the batteries are running out prematurely, then something else is wrong. i host an open mic night and my guitar is plugged in about 10 hrs/month. i change my battery once a month just to be safe but i haven't had one run out on me.

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If I had a £ for each time I had read or heard this particular statement' date=' I'd have..............................?[/quote']


you are too kind but my ex might differ with you on this one. but... i'm not done yet.

some other things to consider:

are you using an alkaline battery (duracell)? these batteries do last much longer. an ordinary carbon zinc battery will only last a couple hours.

does your input jack feel tight (sorry, i'm trying to keep this clean) when you're pushing the cable jack in? if so, your prongs may pinched causing your circuit to draw a current even when not plugged in. this isn't likely but unless there is a circuit its not possible for the battery to die.

that's all i have to say about that.

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