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Bangbang' date=' check the Epiphone Studio out instead. IMO it's the cheapest LP style Epiphone that plays like a Les Paul should.



Thanks.....maybe I can find one used but I am afraid of purchasing someones problem. My wife will crab but I will hide it at my daughters. [-X

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I've said for a long time that the lp special is a lot of guitar for the money, and though everyone will encourage you to buy thier fave, or choose a more expensive model.. it's still true that epi makes a nice guitar in the special II.


the lp 100s I've seen seem to be not much more, but more expensive.. for my money.


I have a studio, and I think the set neck is nice.. the alnico pups are nice.. the carved top is nice..

but they really aren't essential in any way.. and most people make some modifications even then.. so, really, I think new is a good idea. and I think the special II is the way I'd lean budget conscious-wise.


Keep an eye on MF for a while... just search epiphone blem and take a look at what pops up over a week or two.. often they resell a guitar with a tiny scratch etc.. for a pretty good savings, full warranty.. you might wind up with a very nice guitar with one tiny small thing hardly noticeable that's 'wrong'.


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