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How do you unwind?


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I come in from work, grab a cup of morning coffee from the pot and nuke it, and head upstairs

for an hour of Halo CE multiplayer. Clears my mind completely. I'm probably one of the oldest players

online, but I can still kick butt.


Later on, I pick up the acoustic and play for a while. Does the job.

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I just love playing my guitars. Just dink around for a while. I try not to get too serious but sometimes do. Heres a clip where I am trying to find a cool stadium sound for a solo. Came out a little over the top but was fun.

img]<a href=http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y148/SuperChunk426/th_Guitar22008Apple.jpg' alt='th_Guitar22008Apple.jpg'>

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Hey Svet !!

Yep I think we've all drooled a bit at your home entertainment system' date='at least I know I have.And that computer,Holy Smikies Batman!!!!Don't go for the cigars myself,I've tried,just can't seem to enjoy them.(Sort of makes me miss the old days when several friends would gather to enjoy a home rolled cig of dubious origon!LOL)

Gosh now I sound old.

Cool doggies too!!One of my old girlfriends had a great dane puppy. That dog grew to immense size in a really short time. 105 pounds at 1 yr old.[/quote']


Hi Daneman thanks, those dogs are my biggest fans! They sit outside with me on those summer nights while I'm playing on the porch. My two are Golden Retrievers and I would really like to get a Mastiff at some point. The issue is my girlfriend says no! She is allergic to dogs so we will have to stick to hypoallergenic breds.

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