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Clapton's Crossroads 335 Custom Shop video

Amino Moore

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Good Afternoon gang,


A buddy of mine with a '64 ES-335 sent me the link to this video on Google Videos.

It's a few years old and some of you may have seen it before but man is it cool.

This is called "Recreating a Legend" where Gibson and Guitar Center got together on the Cossroads 335.

It's almost an hour long and your gonna have to have DSL or faster to watch it but it is worth it.

So if you have time grab your favorite beverage and click the link.





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I found the film very interesting,so the Gibson custom shop is a conveyor built operation.So many people involved in the production of the guitar,all doing their specialist jobs.We saw edge binders,sprayers,pickup makers,and wax potters,neck shapers etc(no different to Fugi Gen Gakki,or the old Matsumoku factory).I`m not doubting the skills of the people involved,but we are asked to pay a small fortune for some of these guitars(if we so choose!),whereas i own a very nice Santa Cruz H14 acoustic,of which one person made and finished the whole neck,and another did the same with the body,now thats a custom shop!!.I once read that in the old Matsumoku factory,all the guitars were 60%hand built,and from what i saw of the Gibson film,i would imagine that`s about the same there,too!!Having said all that i wouldn`t mind one of those Clapton 335`s

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