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Epiphone Signature Models?


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george harrison SG with maestro

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spec'ed (sp?) to those guitars, with no visible signatures or other obvious signature model appearance

other than the features the originals had...I guess a signature facsimile on the back of the headstock is OK

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Billie Joe!! :)




The Clapton signature 335 first sounded like a good idea but when you think more about it, it would just be a regular Dot with some scratches and "weird powder" (lol, check out the GC video) in the pickup cavities. Buy a cherry red Dot (preferably Elitist) and you've got your own Crossroads ES-335.

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Gary Moore or a Peter Green Les Paul...not sure which one yet.


ROFLMAO' date=' you kill me, Ric!


Normally I could not care less about Sig models... if I had my druthers I'd much rather see Epi bring out a nice quality, full thickness set neck doublecut which they could offer in single dog ear and dual soapbar versions...




The one guitar I would probably go apesh¡t over as a Sig would be a replica of Marc Bolan's Les Paul, a Standard with a Custom neck, just strange enough to be interesting (first time I ever saw uncovered HB's or a zebra HB).




...the pic on the right shows the guitar before the assumed 'accident' which made a new neck necessary... unfortunately I'm probably the only guy in the world that wants one of these so I'm not holding my breath!

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