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What glue do I use for tailpiece stud anchors?


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I might suggest some toothpicks.

they are hardwood, or you'd have bleeding gums after every meal.

One or two cut to the right length and you don't need any glue and they'll pot right out when you need them to.

Use as many as give you the tightness you want. I'd say a good single hard straight pull ought to take them out.


and good on you, you don't want the studs moving. even in the tailpiece.. movement means wear!

Get em tight. check every other string change to see if they've gone loose.

they shouldn't!




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I don't think I would glue them in. What if you need to take them out?


I would wrap some tape around them (maybe aluminum tape) until you get a snug fit. I've never tried it, but that's most likely what I would do.

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The original ones didn't have any glue but they were kinda loose. I figure Elmers would be a good' date=' impermanent solution to just give them a helping hand. What do people think?[/quote']


Just to be clear. Are you talking the threaded posts or the bushing? If the thread is worn you could use teflontape or gaspipe tape. I wouldn't recommend alu-tape. It will shred and the glue residue will mix with dirt and get yucky.

Loose bushing is fixed by filling the hole with some toothpicks. Cut one in half over length and optionally glue the 2 halves to the sides of the hole. Tap the bushing in.

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Don't use glue' date=' they should be a tight fit. Toothpicks is a good idea.




Hence the optional glue...

It's just making sure they stick to the side of the hole and not tip over while you tap in the bushing... Also I'm not talking insane gobs, but just enough to hold it in place. :-)

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