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Pickups in LP Std 2007?


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Any idea on the resistance of the neck and bridge pickups which should be in a Epi LP Std Plus top origanally. Just wondered as im gonna upgrade them but wanna know whats there first.


Still thinking of burstbuckers (Rock music at heaviest)

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EPI 2006 Catolog:


(Alinco Classic Humbucker) Original Epiphone Les Paul 57 CH (G) Humbucker Pickup

Relative PUP output (scale 1-10): Alinco-V 6.5



Vintage vibe with rich, warm tone. LP Standard - neck 8.5K ohm 4.45 Henrys




Bridge: HOTCH (G) BHC (Alinco Classic Plus Humbucker) Relative PUP output (scale 1-10): Alinco-V 7


Like the Alnico Classic but slightly overwound for more output. LP Standard -bridge 13.85K ohm 7.15 Henrys

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mrjones2004x; I just recently bought (April 18th) an Epiphone LP Standard Plain-Top LP. It was made in

October 2007 at the QingDao, China facilty. It came with the "Designed by Epiphone USA" Alnico pickups.

The ones (stock pups, i.e) on my LP sound fine. In fact, I used it at a gig the other night through my Fender

amplifier (our band practices throught the mixer with headphones so as not to disturb the neighbors) and it

sounded great clean and/or with effects. That said, I don't feel a need to go out and spend the extra money

on Gibson pickups just so I can say I modded my guitar for that purpose.:-k

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