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Truss Rod not in centre...


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Hi all


Does anyone know anything about truss rods being off centre?


I saw a Dot yesterday and after lifting the TRC the actual truss rod more to one side of the neck than the other.....


Maybe the truss rod is not centered in the access cavity but still centered in the neck.

It's not the best quality workmanship, but it should still work. Could be off by a couple

of millimeters (1/16 of an inch) and still work ok. Epi's use the traditional hex threaded

rod with a couple of steel slug anchors. 4mm / 5/32" . The 60s versions made in Kalamazoo

had the Gibson style truss rods and so does my Elitist.

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You really want to check the dimensions with a ruler before reaching a conclusion based on 'eyeball' perception. As Carverman has already surmised, there's a good chance that the access slot is off-centre and that makes it appear as though the truss rod is off center. Although it's not impossible, it would be pretty hard to install the TR off-center as this is all done using jigs.

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