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Combo mods--check site

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Duh.. I got it.. that site is an "old" site as the Strange Dog says..

He only references the old rev1 combo.. your better bet would be to start reading the information in the Valve Junior 101 sticky note at the top of this forum.

Rev2's started around Jan05 and ran through to about June of 2007, now the Rev3's have been out a year now.


start with identifying your amp (ver1/2/3) then read what others have done... remember only Rev1 combo's had a/c heaters all the rest have d/c heaters.

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so the best place to start is the thread at the top.. [sticky] Valve Junior 101 Mod Thread Transfer.

The first document done by S2 Amp's ( http://www.s2amps.com/docs/vj_kit_inst.pdf )

describes what each item does in a VJ. Note there are references to Rev1 a/c heater hum, ignor that and as found out recently it states you can remove resistors R8/R9, you can't do that either...

but understanding was C1 does and R14 is real good knowledge.

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